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A fibre leased line is the next generation of modern connectivity. With incredible speeds and a robust connection meaning you can get back to doing what you do best, staying ahead of the competition.

You choose the leased line speed you require based on your business needs. The speed you buy is exactly what you get: no ‘up to’ speeds. Ever.

What’s more, as the needs of your business change, you will always have the option to increase your fibre leased line’s speed. It’s that simple.

A fibre leased line also eliminate business risk. Implementing a robust leased line will also secure your business against failover, providing a solution for your business – with a connection you can trust.

With a fibre leased line, you can continue to work even if there’s an issue with your main circuit. Your service will automatically failover to the backup circuit within seconds – no effort required

OKKONTech's fiber lease line is the perfect solution for branches wanting to connect securely across multiple devices and connection types.

KKONTech's fiber lease line creates a secure network for branches /mobile workers/businesses to connect across our  fibre infrastructure

This gives businesses all the benefits of local network only without the costs of having to manage, maintain or upgrade it themselves. Staff can access centralized services like intranets, extranets, VoIP, email, Internet browsing, CRM and ERP systems.