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Dark Fiber

KKONTech   dark fiber solutions provide seamless network extension and swift deployment, delivered with speed, simplicity and confidence. As a neutral telecom infrastructure services provider specialising in dark fiber, we enable you to be in business for your customers.

Networking requirements have become more complex with exponentially increasing volumes of data, and the vibrant interconnectivity market is seeing growing demand for dark fiber solutions. By trusting KKONTech with your dark fiber needs, you will be given complete control over your network, with the ability to shape every aspect of design, optronics, performance, protocols and upgrades. KKONTech offers a variety of connectivity options from single fiber pairs to high-count packages, as well as complex designs customized for any requirements.

KKONTech team of experts know the complexities of the Lagos Metro area landscape and the intricacies of deploying fiber in such a rich and demanding environment. We pride ourselves on being able to mobilize quickly, change with the technology and adapt to any and all client needs.

In an industry that’s ever-changing, with data demands growing by the instant, your dark fiber provider must offer the customization and flexibility needed to support your customers. We are positioned  for a great new class of capacity provision, and that is what we pride ourself in .