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Industry Solutions

Service Providers

We understand that connectivity is key and work with integrated providers and ISPs to deliver network solutions that combine ownership economics with full control, performance and security. Using our best-in-class neutral network and custom solutions as a delivery platform for your customers, you’re guaranteed to optimize end-user experience.

Data Center Providers

Offer your customers fiber connectivity and diversity through our reliable and purpose-built fiber network. Our network will enable your data centers to have greater connectivity options – making it possible for your customers to reach any network provider, from a single customer deployment, regardless of the originating facility .

…Fiber connectivity enables multiple data center to appear as one to your customer — sites are one, long fiber cross-connect away…

We provide simple and swift connection options with flexible business terms and a strong focus on superior customer experience.

Banking & Financial Services

For financial services, speed translates into profit and high performance networks are key for fast moving trades. Firms require secure network solutions that are scalable and flexible for growing bandwidth needs. KKONTech fiber network provides a solution that is independent of carrier equipment – maximizing the firm’s security and flexibility by wholly managing its internal network.


Education is the backbone to society and educational institutions are finding connectivity to be the key to students’ success.  Technology-rich education is gaining popularity year after year and KKONTech Fiber’s dark fiber network is contributing to that effort by providing scalable solutions that enable a connected classroom.

Schools and Universities require reliable and secure networks that meet a variety of capacity needs. KKONTech Fiber’s dedicated team works with educational institutions to deploy swiftly and with flexible business terms, to ensure budget constraints are met with ease


With the emergence of E-Health applications and telemedicine technologies, healthcare providers’ are seeing major demand for bandwidth. KKONTech  fiber network solutions provide healthcare organisations with the security and scalability needed in today’s data-centric world. Custom solutions enable the transmission of data from one site to another while simultaneously helping healthcare institutions reduce operational costs.

Today’s healthcare networks will collect data from millions of individuals. KKONTech  fiber network solutions enable healthcare ecosystems to store, secure, and transmit within a scalable network architecture with complete control